Dark Symphonic Metal

Two years after the intricate debut “Gods Of Vermin” it is time for the second release of the creators of Dark Symphonic Metal, Sons Of Seasons. With “Magnisphyricon” the band takes a rigorous step forward, sharpening their profile regarding songwriting and production, but keeping their direction into their very own musical field. If you’re new to their universe, you need some time to intertwine with those complex structures, unexpected harmonical twists and sudd en bendings of seemingly familiar progress ions. Still it is effortless to catch the wave by listening closely, since the composers always stay melodic, offering strong choruses as an entrance point. “Magnisphyricon” is a word creation, melting the terms “magnus”, “sphere” and the connecting post suffix “con” into one, and relates to the band finally being complete with a fifth member, and having found the music they wanted to create. Sons Of Seasons will tour Europe in April and May 2011, after having played live extensively in the past two years.

Sons Of Seasons is:

  • Henning Bass e (Vocals)
  • Oliver Palotai (Guitar, Keys)
  • Jügen Steinmetz (Bass )
  • Daniel Schild (Drums)
  • Pepe Pierez (Guitar)
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