NERVE was initiated in the spring of '98 by drum wizard Jojo Mayer as an experimental platform for a handful of New York musicians interested in the cultural phenomenon of intelligent electronic DJ culture and the opportunity it created as a gateway to new musical paradigms and pioneered the movement of live “electronic” music.

His basic idea was to deconstruct electronic music and reverse engineer the textures and rhythms of digital production within a live performed context. Live drums, bass, keyboards and live interactive sound processing - no loops, sequencers, or pre- production. All sounds and rhythms performed in real time!

By cross-pollinating DJ culture with the syntax of jazz inter-action and utilizing sound processing techniques usually applied in studio productions (real time audio deconstruction), NERVE has formulated a highly skilled, kinetic and dynamic hybrid of improvisational performed music, which is completely unique to this date. Within a few months of its existence, Jojo Mayer's NERVE generated a tremendous amount of enthusiastic response among New York's downtown scene and the media which led to the creation of the now legendary “PROHIBITED BEATZ" party nights.

After ‘01 NERVE started to leave their NYC home base to perform on the club circuit and some festivals in Europe and Asia. Occasionally, they also exported and staged “PROHIBITED BEATZ” events in a number of European cities, which not only earned them rave reviews, but generated a cult like following around the world.

NERVE never intended to produce any studio recordings, as their raison d’etre was to create an unprecedented, unique and exclusively live experience. But, due to the overwhelming and ongoing demand of fans over the years, NERVE started to experiment in studios in New York, Berlin and Zurich in order to document some of the material that had evolved during their international tours. In order to stay as true as possible to their original live concept, the entire record was recorded without any premeditated electronic programming, but was all performed in real time.

This compilation of early material is now finally released as NERVE / PROHIBITED BEATS.

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