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Private lessons or schools?

Nowadays it is very easy to obtain information about guitar playing. There are guitar magazines, books and internet pages like this one where you can get a lot of information to study on your own. However, there is one thing missing: a teacher who listens to you, corrects and motivates you.

It is very important to be careful which teacher you choose. Not every guitarist who call his a teacher is good one!

The first years on your instrument are very important. If you learn something in the wrong way, it takes a lot of effort to learn it right again. You should only take lessons from professional guitar teachers and decent music schools.

For schools and teachers:

Because this is a site created from Germans, we currently do not have information regarding music schools in other countries. If you know a good music school or a teacher, no matter where, please let us know via the contact form.
Thanks in advance.

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