Simon Scheibel was born 1983 in a little City in Germany called Haßloch. He started playing drums at the age of 5 and had his first lesson at the age of 7. His teachers were: Colin Jamieson, Christian Scheuber and Dirik Schilgen. Playing in many different styles and bands and practicing a lot, he made his way to the Conservatory of Arnhem where he studied Jazz and Popmusic with the drumteachers René Creemers and Joop Van Erven.

Taking part at different Workhops like the International Jazzworkshop in Trier or the Extreme Drum Camp in Athen offers him to found his own quintet Sci‐Men and be playing at the Dresdner Drum Festival in 2008.

Today he's playing in following projects:

  • Sci‐Men
  • Lake Cisco
  • ZZ11
  • Hardkurth
  • Natalie Kies Trio
  • Crescenti
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